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Morocco encapsulates the exoticism of far more distant lands

Morocco is just a four hour flight from the UK. The towering Rif and Atlas Mountains proved historically to be an impenetrable barrier to successive invaders, thereby preserving the lifestyle and language of an indigenous Berber population who have added a richness and unique cultural depth to this North African country.

Morocco is a mountainous and surprisingly green country of outstanding natural beauty, where the dazzling peaks of the Atlas give way to the silent shifting sands of the Sahara desert, and the gently undulating hills of Eucalyptus and Argana trees succumb to long ribbons of golden sand on the Atlantic coast. 

It’s easy to combine two or more contrasting areas of Morocco for you to enjoy. You could spend a few days in the bustling city of Marrakech in a luxurious hotel or riad, before moving to a beautiful hideaway in the High Atlas or a lovely hotel by the coast in Agadir or Essaouira.

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